2018-03-28 16:07 EEST


I started programming in 2000 and since then I've created tens of projects. Here are some of the more successful side projects that I've worked on. A more comprehensive list can be found under my GitHub profile.

Retrolambda - backport of Java 8's lambdas

Started: July 2013

To be able to use the long-awaited lambda expressions also on older JVMs, I wrote this tool that converts them to anonymous classes which will run on Java 7 and below.

Jumi Actors - actor library for Java

Started: June 2011

I created this for the needs of Jumi's event-based architecture, but some others have also found it useful.

Jumi - test runner for JVM

Started: May 2011

I started this project to run tests faster and overcome some limitations of the JUnit test runner.

Let's Code - screencasts of TDD in the long run

Started: September 2010

Inspired by James Shore's Let's Play TDD, I've been recording me programming some non-trivial projects. Especially with Jumi I decided to make an experiment of recording all the development that I do on it.

Specsy - testing framework for JVM

Started: June 2010

I wrote my own testing framework for Scala, because specs had too much complexity and bugs to my taste. Later with Specsy 2 I converted it to Java and made it possible to use with virtually any JVM language. The programming model is the same as in GoSpec.

sbt plugin for IntelliJ IDEA - tool integration

Started: May 2010

I wrote a plugin for using the sbt build tool from within IntelliJ IDEA. Though I don't use Scala any more, the plugin became rather popular, so it's nowadays maintained by Jason Zaugg.

GoSpec - testing framework for Go

Started: November 2009

Soon after Go was released, I wrote a BDD-style testing framework to my taste. It incorporated the same isolated execution model which I had earlier proposed for specs 1.6.0. Now superseded by GoConvey which was inspired by GoSpec.

TDD Tutorial - exercise for learning TDD

Started: June 2008

After about one year of using TDD and arriving at specification-style, I wrote this tutorial to help others learn TDD. I have also used it at the 2009 TDD course at the University of Helsinki.

VarjoCafe - lunch menu mashup

Started: August 2005

At the University of Helsinki, UniCafe is responsible for student lunches, but their website is somewhat cumbersome to use (even more so in the past), so I created this mashup that shows the lunch menus with better usability.

Corruption Corrector - file combining tool

Started: February 2003

This was one of the first couple of programs that I've written, during my first year at University.